Consortium Well-being

The different associations of Prevention officers 
In the Law on the protection of employees in the performance of their work (04/08/1996) and the Royal Decree concerning policies for the welfare of employees in the performance of their work (27/03/1998), several areas that need to be considered when developing a dynamic risk management system (DRMS) are listed: 
  • occupational safety
  • occupational health 
  • psychosocial aspects 
  • ergonomics 
  • occupational hygiene 
  • beautification 
  • environment 
The specialists proficient in one or more of these areas are united in some (national) associations. For the area "beautification" no separate professional association exists.


  Consortium Beroepsverenigingen Preventieadviseurs. In the End of 2013, the professional domains of occupational safety, occupational health, psychosocial aspects, ergonomics and occupational hygiene united in a consortium that represents nearly ten thousand Belgian prevention officers in total. In this way it aims to promote cross-fertilization between the different the disciplines and to establish a more central point of contact in order to simplify communication with the government and the social partners.

Occupational Safety

  PrebesRoyal Flemish Association for Prevention and Protection. Grew out of the professional association of internal prevention officers. Flemish. Represents 5,000 members. Well structured and large association. Walloon counterpart: Arcop ( Vision: Full vision statement is available on request ( 

Occupational Health

BBvAG. Belgian Association of Occupational Physicians. Professional Association. National. Representing more than 500 Belgian prevention officers occupational medicine related to external or internal services for prevention and protection at work. 
VVIBSociety for Internal Occupational Physicians. Professional Association. National. Representing 70 prevention officers occupational medicine related to internal services for prevention and protection at work. The operation and approach within the internal prevention service are quite specific. To this end, the association was founded in 2008. Mission statement:
Besides BBvAG and VVIB, there are also the VWVA or Flemish Scientific Society ( and SSST or Walloon Scientific Society for Occupational Health Sciences ( As the name suggests, these associations are more concerned with the scientific developments in the field rather than in representing the profession itself. 
The four associations of occupational physicians have developed a shared vision statement which can be found on
  VVVBFlemish Association of Occupational Health Nurses. Professional Association. Flemish. Representing several hundred occupational health nurses (nurses well-being at work or WOW). Walloon counterpart: AFISTEB ( Vision: The VVVB has developed a vision statement:

Psychosocial aspects

  VPPA. Association for prevention officers Psychosocial Aspects. Professional Association. Flemish. Represents about 50 prevention officers psychosocial aspects. Walloon counterpart: Psychoprev. General:


  BES. Belgian Ergonomics Society. Professional Association. National. Representing about 300 Belgian prevention officers ergonomics. There is a well-developed Flemish and Walloon wing. Vision Note:

Occupational Hygiene

BSOH. Belgian Society for Occupational Hygiene. Professional Association. National. Representing a 150 Belgian prevention officers occupational hygiene. There are very few French-speaking members. It is a young organization that has known a large growth in members during the past few years. General info: No vision statement.


  VMxAssociation of Flemish Environmental Professionals. Professional Association. Flemish. Representing a 800 Flemish environmental professionals.