Registrations without invoice

Registrations without invoice for
- individuel renewal of an existing membership
- registration of a new member

BSOH memberships follow the calendar year. They start on January 1st and expire on December 31st. Memberships entered into after January 1 also expire on December 31.

The membership fee for 2024 is 75.00 EUR, exempt from VAT.

In the case of several members of the same company or organization, or for individuals who want an invoice the registration with invoice is suggested.

Existing members can also renew their membership individually by transferring the membership fee directly to the account of the association.

Not a member yet? Find out about our member benefits and how to become a new member.

Use the following data for the transfer order: 

Amount 75,00 EUR
IBAN BE02 7865 7715 5640
Beneficiary BSOH
Address Herestraat 49 box 952
3000 Leuven, Belgium
Communication Fee 2024 for <membership number>, <first name>, <name>

Last updated on 27/02/2023 18:34:12 CET (UTC+01:00)

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