Medialounge of the FPS Public Health, the NIHDI and the FAMHP


Need free documentation about health and health insurance? Visit the new medialounge of FPS Public Health, the NIHDI and the FAMHP.

As part of the redesign of the health care administrations, the FPS Public Health, the NIHDI and the FAMHP moved in March 2021 to the Galilee Avenue at the Brussels Botanical Garden. The aim is to strengthen cooperation between the federal administrations responsible for health policy and health and disability insurance.

The ground floor of the Galilee building houses the medialounge, a modern and welcoming space with a media desk and coffee bar. In addition to the staff of the 3 institutions, students, researchers, professionals and citizens can consult the publications, databases, administrative documents and campaigns for free on site.

Afbeelding met tekst, binnen, vloer, plafond Afbeelding met vloer, levend, binnen, tafel

Visitors can access the following resources of the Vesalius Documentation and Information Center (VDIC) at They can also access the paid publications and databases, but only on site.

  • Publications: in addition to the printed books, journals and newspapers of the institutions involved, visitors can access 20,000 electronic journals (including top journals such as The Lancet and British Medical Journal) and more than 7,000 e-books through the VDIC's Limo catalog.
  • Databases: including general (Scopus, Google Scholar), medical (PubMed, Embase), legal (Strada lex, Jurisquare, Commodity Law).  In the search results of the databases, visitors often find the link to the full articles, which they can access if VDIC has a subscription for the journal in question (or if it is a free article).

In addition to publications and databases, the media lounge also holds administrative documents (e.g., the circulars of the NIHDI) and media campaigns of the 3 institutions.

Since it is not possible for external users to borrow documents, they can copy and scan documents free of charge. They can also get a code to use the wifi network.

The media lounge is located on the ground floor of the building on the Avenue Galilee (Avenue Galilee 5, 1210 Brussels) and is open every working day from 9 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. External visitors must first sign in via the kiosk on the ground floor and will then receive a QR code to go to the media lounge. If necessary, the receptionist can provide assistance. hose wanting more info can always email in advance to avoid an unnecessary trip.