BSOH Lifetime Achievement Award


BSOH wants to recognize and honor individuals by granting a BSOH Lifetime Achievement Award to those who have made significant contributions to the promotion and development of occupational hygiene practices during their career that improve the health and welfare of workers.

Eligibility Criteria

The Awardee shall have been working in the field of occupational hygiene for at least fifteen years. The individual to be selected will have substantially furthered basic science, established occupational hygiene programs, promoted the quality of occupational hygiene service, and/or contributed to the harmonization of occupational hygiene practice. Furthermore, the Awardee has a significant record of providing presentations at National and/or International Conferences and teaching students in the field of Occupational Hygiene. The Awardee was actively involved supporting activities organized by Occupational Hygiene Societies.


The BSOH Lifetime Achievement Award will be granted every 3 years.

Nominees will be selected by an Awards Committee from candidates identified by BSOH Board Members. The Awards Committee is composed of three BSOH Board Members with representation of the French and Flemish speaking part in Belgium.
Supporting information must be provided by the candidate, including a current curriculum vitae (in English) and other material demonstrating that the candidate is qualified. All documentation should be sent to the BSOH Secretariat which, in turn, will forward it to the Awards Committee. The Committee will review and rate each nominee. No more than two nominees will be recommended for consideration to the BSOH Board. The Awardee will be selected by the Board from the names submitted, by election in accordance with its bylaws. Nominees can’t take part in the election process.
After election by the Board, the President or Vice President will notify the selected candidate.


The Award will be presented at a time and place designated by the BSOH Board. Usually, this will occur at the time of a BSOH Scientific Conference. The Awardee will be required to deliver a lecture on an occupational hygiene topic or an overview of their career sharing useful experiences.
The Award will consist of a BSOH Lifetime Award Certificate and a financial recognition.
The BSOH Lifetime Award Certificate and financial recognition will be handed over after the presentation by the BSOH President or BOSH Vice President and BSOH Treasurer.



After the ceremony, the winner will be announced in the BSOH Newsletter and via BSOH social media. A history of BSOH Lifetime Achievement Award winners will be posted on the BSOH Website.


Review: February 9, 2023