Registration with invoice

Registrations with invoice for
- grouped renewal of existing memberships

- grouped renewal of existing memberships
- registration of new members

BSOH memberships follow the calendar year. They start on January 1st and expire on December 31st. Memberships entered into after January 1 also expire on December 31.

The membership fee for 2021 is 75.00 EUR.

Existing members can renew their membership without invoice if they wish to do so.

Memberships can also be renewed with invoice. This is specifically recommended for companies or organizations wishing to register multiple members. Group registrations are treated with priority. Note that BSOH cannot issue proofs of payment.

To receive an invoice, please send an email or purchase order to with the following information:

Billing information:

  1. number and date of purchase order (optional)
  2. name of company or organization
  3. billing service (optional)
  4. billing address
  5. billing email address (where the invoice should be sent to)
  6. VAT number

For each membership:

  1. membership number (only for existing members)
  2. first name
  3. name
  4. e-mail address (only for the new members)


Billing data from BSOH 
Invoice address
Belgian Society for Occupational Hygiene
Kapucijnenvoer 35/6
B-3500 Leuven

VAT No: BE 0445.599.291

IBAN: BE02 7865 7715 5640
Bank: Belfius | Brusselsestraat 2 | B-3000 Leuven


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